Matching client and photographer with the right skills, in the right place and at the right price is not always straight-forward and can be somewhat hit and miss. Without recommendation or personal contact, how do you know if that photographer you commissioned on price or location alone will come up with the results you wanted, or shoot dozens of unusable images, because he had 'his way of doing things'.

I WILL LISTEN to your objectives, enquire how the images will be used, what style, format and purpose, and how I can help to make the project a success. By spending a little time at this stage, I can quickly 'tune in' to a clients aspirations and start to send back positive signals, creative input, logistical solutions and an estimated cost.

I WILL UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS, knowing that you need to be confident with your photographer and that his approach and perception of the assignment is totally in line with yours.
With that confidence, you can then concentrate more of your valuable time on the other tasks in hand.

I HAVE THE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE to produce powerful, interesting and creative images for all types of end-use, whether printed brochures, catalogues, magazines and press releases, websites or other marketing tools. I will always strive to exceed my clients expectations whenever possible.

I WILL WORK HARD, it is the only way I work, so I will not waste your time by being late, getting lost or forgetting to turn up!

HELP AND SUPPORT, I have a wealth of resources to draw from to help you find locations, props, models, services and ideas.

I AM CONTACTABLE DIRECTLY, I am also always happy to meet up with prospective clients to discuss requirements, view products or locations and normally at no extra cost.
I am available to speak to you personally almost anytime and will always respond immediately (or as soon as humanly possible) to requests, calls or emails. I'm friendly and easy to speak to, so here are the numbers:-
01509 503175 and 07836 654230